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Jul 10

Posts: 190

xmellensx says:


Hey have been searching around looking for personalised gifts such as SaddleCloths and SweatShirts. Have seen EzyTee's for printing and they have been recommended but can of you suggest any others? Embroided or Print.. :)

"Why walk, when we can Gallop?"

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Oct 10

Posts: 91

debzy1987 says:


Add Sparkle Pony on facebook they personalise anything with Diamontes,its gorge and very reasonable concidering they are all handmade!!x

Debbi xxx - Owns my very own 'Shetland Pony' - Monty my Bernese Mountain Dog :)

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Nov 10

Posts: 977

cookiecrazy says:

Re: PERSONALISED... equip?

 Nag Rags is great you can get personalised show rugs, saddle cloths, hat cloths, polo shirts and numnahs (if you dont want a sad pad) in ur XC colours and stuff. My friend has ALL their range!! And  um Pink Equine do personalised saddle cloths in a brighter range of colours.

Nag rags have more subdued like bottle green, black, navy, pale pink and stuff. Pink equine is like BAM to  the eyes!!! : D xx


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