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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

So proud of Tenor today !!

Tenor and I mostly hack on our own but this morning I rode him down to my old yard to meet a friend. I was a bit worried as we have to go down a stretch of busy main road which he has'nt been on for months, he was rock solid and when we arrived at the yard he was just curious to see Hector ( my friends horse ) they have only seen each other once and Tenor does'nt like other horses too close to him, but again I needed have worried as the boys were fine together.


Tenor enjoyed showing his new friend the route and helped to keep Hector calm, on the way home we had to part ways so my friends dad met us on his bike so he could escort her back home. Well, Hector was having none of it and started napping and rearing in the road !! Tenor and I came back and lead them home safely, I was so proud of him as the main road was busier by this time and i would'nt under normal circumstances go on it ! He then left my old yard without batting an eyelid and walked home relaxed and confident, bless his heart he did'nt put a foot wrong this morning and it made me realise even more how lucky I am to be his mum !! Love you Tenor X 

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Jan 10

Posts: 1942

Tommytank says:

Re: So proud of Tenor today !!

 awww bless him.  I'd be a very proud mummy too if I were you - unfortunatly tommy would be the one napping and rearing because he wanted to stay with his new friend

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Endurance Arabians


Jun 08

Posts: 2071

Re: So proud of Tenor today !!

Bless him you have got yourself a very lovley horse there. Give Tenor a big hug from me Sharks and the rest of the nutty Arabs

Boyfriends come and go but my Arabs are for life

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Jun 09

Posts: 619

gemCal says:

Re: So proud of Tenor today !!

Well done Tenor

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Jun 10

Posts: 463

Charlotte10 says:

Re: So proud of Tenor today !!

Aww what a lovely horse you have  Well done to both of you x

You've just gotta have Faith ...

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May 08

Posts: 552

haribach says:

Re: So proud of Tenor today !!

Ah bless his cotton socks, looking after his mam! x

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Jul 10

Posts: 2157

Re: So proud of Tenor today !!

 Attaboy Tenor.

It's lonely in the saddle since the horse died.

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