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Nov 10

Posts: 382

izzymcq says:



I had the worst dressage competition ever last night. I went in to warm up on the pony I was riding but we were delayed by 30 minutes because at least 2 competitors before us didn't show up so we got around 40 minutes in the practice ring, so Casper got really tired. Then when we did enter, the judge thought I was in the intro class, after that we sorted it out and I started my prelim test. It turned out that I had learned the wrong test so the kind lady judge let me go out for 10 minutes to try and memorise the test. Once I had, I came back in and did the test. I had it read out, but I couldn't understand 3 of the movements because my heart was beating so loud!!! In the end I came 4th, Casper did really really well and I am so proud of him. 


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Mar 11

Posts: 223


Sounds like the show was badly organized. But coming 4th is pretty good!

I had a really bad experience last time I competed. My pony has had some confusion about getting on the right lead in canter, and she is very sensitive. I got 3 out of 4 canter transitions wrong and then she broke out of the counter canter and I couldn't get her in to it again, so we came last. Thankfully the trot and walk parts were good, or I would have been so depressed.

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