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Oct 09

Posts: 342

harriety says:

What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

Asking this because wondering what time you all go up in the morning on weekends?

i try to go up at the same time everyday to keep them in their routine which is no later than 8.30am on a weekend (earlier in week), but on my yard theirs only small amount of owners up at this time.. its gets to 10am-10.30 and i've been listening to horses banging on their doors and shouting everytime some1 walks in the blocks for nearly two hours.

Is 10am an average time you go up and im just a early bird lol or is this late. I feel sorry for some of the horses as me and my mum do livery in the week and the horses we do everyday are in the routine of 8am feeding time and waiting till after 10 on weekends...Hmmmmm

What do u think?

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Jul 09

Posts: 911

rachelha says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

YO always feeds in mornings and gives nets as shes always up super early for work so around 5:45am weekdays and 8am on weekends. they are always given a large net at 9pm each night too so are never without food. i usually go around between 8:30am and 10am to muck out and ride & turnout etc. but whenever YO is away or unable to feed im there at 7am to sort them out :)

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Sep 09

Posts: 371

Shazzam says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

6am in week for me and then 8am at weekends but our yard is great a throwing in hay for any with nothing left and a few of us watch out for each others.  Mine is only fed evenings but has adlib hay and there is always a bale outside my box if anyone thinks she needs more.  One yard I know has a 10am latest rule for feeding and turnout and would love it inpose that at ours.  Winds me up that some people think laying in bed is more important that sorting their ned out.

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Jun 09

Posts: 619

gemCal says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

Breakfast is at 8:00 on a work day and normally 9:00 on a weekend. She is on 24/7 turn out though so won't run out of food or be kicking a door down if I'm a little late. I love being up there at that time though, means I get home and still have so much day left.

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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

8.30 during the week- 9.30 to 10.00 on a sunday because of the walk out. the others on the yard do the horses at 6 in the morning but they are sorted for the night at 12-2! Id rather have my shifts a little bit later and sort the horses for the night at 6.30 at night!

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Apr 10

Posts: 377

Bobandben says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

Mine are fed anytime between 7.30 and 8 weekdays and no later than 9 on weekends., they live out so aren't banging around in a stable.  They do like their routine so couldn't really leave it any later than 9 and it rarely is that late.    They're fed in the evening anytime between 4 and 5. 






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Jan 09

Posts: 2403

Cocosmom says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

Well Coco lives out and is only having hay and feed in the eveining coz he doesn't need much, so at the weekend I normally get up there between 9am and 10am. My friend (whose 2 horses live with Coco) checks on them every morning before she goes to work, and if there's bad weather to give them hay at approx 7am or 8am. I do the evening shift of feeding, rug changes, hay etc.


Whenever Coco has been on box rest in the past though I have to get down to the horses for 6am to do him before work during the week so make sure I am no later than 8am on the weekend coz its not fair on him to be locked away, with no hay by that point, in a filthy bed, normally with no water coz he's poo'd in one of his big truggs and uses the other to dunk his own hay so just has a dribble of brown hay juice and a mound of soaked hay at the bottom of the other bucket!


A lie in would be lovely but we chose to buy our horses therefore its our responsibility to put their needs before our luxuries and look after them properly!    

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Nov 09

Posts: 238

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

I must be evil!


I feed at 5.30am weekdays and 10-10.30 at weekends.


Other people are at the yard - and the three i am responsible for feeding they say they're all fine and not fussed...


I do think its a good thing for them to learn though - now mine only whikker for me - not for everyone who passes!

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

My horses are fed at about 8.10-8.15am weekdays and on a weekend they are usually fed by 9am. I have been late out to them on the odd occassion and they are then fed at about 9.30am and they are fine. They don't get stressed out by it. They are normally turned out by 9.45am at the latest, after they have eaten up.

When i was on a livery yard i alwyas used to get one of the liveries to do the morning on the weekend and i did the afternoon as it worked out best for us both. I didn't have a car so i had to use my cycle to get there. Weekdays i used to get up at 4.30 and cycle down to see to them and then cycle back home and be ready to go to work by 7.15am. It was a good 8 miles to the yard so i was ready for a bit of a lie in on a Saturday before i cycled up to get on with everything. If the other livery hadn't have wanted to do my horses, it was her suggestion, then i would have cycled down to the yard to feed by 8.30.

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Jan 10

Posts: 323

lulaclaire says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

 oooh this annoys me too!

Week days im up there at 6.30am(ish) feed, muckout and chuck out. That is weather dependant, if its really nasty out then he stays in and waits for mum to come up a bit later.

Weekends i get the 8.30-9.30 am as he does like a lie-in, the amount of times ive got there early and the lazy gits still in bed!

It drives me mad at the weekend though; i arrange to ride with people at 9, not turn up at 9 and ride at 10!! SO by the time they finally drag themselves up im mucking out or doing some nonsense around the yard. i then get 'oh are we mucking out before we ride' and off they pootle to find a wheel barrow-ARGH!! i like doing stuff with my days not waiting around for people. oh and the rate some people tack up at!!


humph rant over

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Jan 09

Posts: 356

kassylp says:

Re: What time does everyone go up to feed etc in the mornings?

i go up to do my 2 horses at 5.30 every morning - they dont love me much in the mornings! my partner is a farmer so is up early so i go straight to do them then.

on weekends they know they get to have a lie in aswell and im up there by 9 ish but i make sure they have enough hay/haylege to accomodate.

reason i go so early is so i can go in my scruffs, no one else is around. turn out, muck out, water, haynets and feeds done ready for the night and then i go home for breakfast before getting ready for work.

its works well and although some mornings pints and josh are a tad grumpy i still get my whiney so things cant be that bad lol xxx


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