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You are in... Forums > Riding and Training > Jumping > breeding trates for a good showjumper! help!!

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Jan 11

Posts: 1

breeding trates for a good showjumper! help!!

can someone help me or know any links where i can get information on breeding! i am doing a project on how the mare and stallion are picked to breed from to produce a good showjumper! im looking at conformation, behaviour, bloodlines, breeding history, winnings ect. any help is most apreciated :)


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Nov 10

Posts: 260

Charem says:

Re: breeding trates for a good showjumper! help!!

Im sure I read somewhere that someone did some research and concluded that the length of the forearm was in correlation with the success of the horse. The longer it was the more successful. Not much use without knowing who it was that did that research mind!


Go on the websites that offer showjumping stallions at stud- elite stallions is a good one. Look at their bloodlines, what breed they are, height ect to try and find a pattern. They usually tell you the horse's competition record too. xx

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