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Sep 07

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Anonymous says:

In Season?

I have a two year old Filly who i think has come into season but im not really sure. I've put her in with the others now and shes been ever so squeely. She used to touch noses with each one over the fence before and never really squeeled very much. Even when ive been leading her and shes not been near the others shes been making very quiet squeely noises. When Ive been tacking up my pony shes been coming up to him and squeeling at him. Throwing her front leg out etc. Today i was grooming her tail and its normally very glossy and silky but today it was sticky and grubby. There was no signs of any poop though. Duno what age horses start coming into season. Thanks.

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Apr 08

Posts: 1071

haffyfan1 says:

Re: In Season?

Not sure but really young as I ahve heard of two/three years old have had foals before...poor things. In fact Murphs mum came over from Ireland as a just turned four year old with a yearling at foot and carrying Murph...poor girl

Who ever said money can't buy you happiness, didn't know where to buy a horse!

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Sep 05

Posts: 60

topper says:

Re: In Season?

Everything you have described is basically a filly in season. As a 2 year old she will be having regular seasons from now on and her behaviour may stay the same, get worse or if your lucky get better but i`m afraid highly unlikely.If her behaviour at the moment is the worst it gets then count yourself lucky as you have an excellent mare. Obviously if she is having seasons then she can get in foal and as I know of an 8 month old colt being a daddy the lesson is "where there is a will there is a way". I would keep a diary of her cycle as this really helps and dont take any action if this is not worrying you or her. All part and parcel of owning an entire horse. In my opinion that is what makes mares so more special than any gelding so enjoy her. I know the reverse side as my mare is a complete nightmare in season so on regumate which is the best for her and me at the moment. If she only had a sticky tail and gave out a few squeals I would be so happy.[:)]

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May 06

Posts: 108

halliday says:

Re: In Season?

Sounds to me like she is coming into season. My mare is as i've notice a change in her behaviour lately. They come into season very young, my mare had a foal when she was 18 months old. This wasn't down to me i might add. She came over from romania and the people that owned her when she was a foal put her in a field next to a stallion, and hey presto he jumped the fence.

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