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Apr 10

Posts: 15

wondermol says:

Green horse

Im about to start riding a green 5 year old. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how he might act and what to do, I have a general understanding to keep quiet etc just wondering if anyone had any good tips ? :)

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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: Green horse

he may nap, just ride it and don't fluster around him. sit still and quietly, if your hack remeber your hi-viz! Don't try and run before you can walk so K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) as if your trying to do too much he won't understand. make sure any commands you do give are nice, clean and consis.

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Jul 08

Posts: 227

FlaxenLady says:

Re: Green horse

It depends on the horse to be honest, i've rode a couple green horses and they've each acted differently, i do agree with highlander. Good clean aids, be calm and relaxed. Remember he'll feel anything you do :) x

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