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Dec 10

Posts: 32

Hannah11 says:

i am over protective

i wont let anyone hold lead def not ride my horse i am too protective over them i think, i hate it when someone gets them out too hold them for the farrier ect i get really annoyed i no i sound weird am i loosing it*/ x

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Hannahhhh xo

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Jan 11

Posts: 20

amyyrebecca says:

Re: i am over protective

I sort of know what you mean, I prefer it if I am holding/leading my horse as he only trusts certain people and loses his trust in people so easily. as for riding, I don't let anyone other than my aunty and instructor ride him when he needs it! this is because I once let a friend jump him and he just rammed him into fences and he completely lost his confidence! I think I just feel more comfortable looking after him so that if anything happens I'm there?!

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Jun 10

Posts: 463

Charlotte10 says:

Re: i am over protective

I no what you mean about the riding part but im not overally fussed about people holding ect, but in answer to your question, no you are not loosing it xx

You've just gotta have Faith ...

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