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Sep 10

Posts: 143

Acer153 says:

R.I.P Buddy

10/26/10, best friend's 25 y/o appy mix was put down due to health problems. He was my BFF's first horse and was kinda like mine. Loved him and he taught me a lot about horses and the love they have to offer <3 Love ya boy!

Cowboy, Another BFF's horse, passed away of colic, taught her so much about horses and riding. Was stubborn at times but always came through for her! R.I.P Cowboy!

B.J., march of 09, passed away of kidney failure. He was my dog, my first dog, he was a big ol' mix but with the kindest heart in the world! Never will I forget him!

No matter what a horse does to you, deep down you know you will always love him/her.

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Jul 09

Posts: 971

oldmare says:

Re: R.I.P Buddy

our thoughts are with you and your best friend.  sending you our love its not easy when we lose those who are part of us and have taught us so much but its nice to have this rememberance part on the forum for our horses, dogs and other animals.  Christmas time 3 years ago was when we lost daughter's first horse, Whissie, so we understand how you feel.  the loss never goes away but happy memories stay with you.

you never choose the horse, the horse chooses you

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Apr 11

Posts: 2

Re: R.I.P Buddy

My heart goes out to you and your best friend it is truly a sad topic.

You like me? Like my horse.

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