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Nicola Young


Jun 10

Posts: 164

Nicola Young says:

Are you in our YH Dressage Championships table?

If you've been featured in our monthly Dressage Championships table which appears in our Magazine, we'd love to hear from you and find out how you're getting on!

Comment here or contact us via email on

Nicola Young | Web Producer | Your Horse

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Jan 11

Posts: 1

PatMce says:

Re: Are you in our YH Dressage Championships table?

Yes, we are in the affiliated elementary section. My horse is Oliver ridden by my friend Lynne, and we are delighted to be in 4th place in the latest list.  My query is, what date did  the league tables start? I'm guessing the points are based on results from July or August 2010 on, but it doesn't say in the magazine. And presumabl y they will run for 12 months?

I attach a photo of Lynne and Oliver competing in the Petplan festival at Pachesham equestrian centre in 2010, and one of them doing a Freestyle demonstration at Great Bookham Equestrian Centre

Attached images:

  1. P1030488  
  2. P1030534  

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Aug 11

Posts: 1

kaz21 says:

Re: Are you in our YH Dressage Championships table?

Hiya, my sister finished second in the unaffiliated elementry and we were wondering ho to claim her prize? Can you help we were unable to find a contact in the magazines.





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Jul 13

Posts: 2

LudwigRhys says:

Re: Are you in our YH Dressage Championships table?

Maybe, it depends on the judge i find! I generally compete in a white saddle pad or numnah, so that would be better than a red numnah!





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