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Mar 09

Posts: 4392

Aims for 2011

 Same as last year thought we could all post our plans and then see how we have got on in the year.


So my plans with Fiona

- Ridden none if can ride then aim will be to get her on small hacks whilst she can still be small enough to be ridden

- Find out her last issue got there on rest of her just her back now

- Main plan is to get her in foal via AI to a nice highland stallion  and give her something to do with herself again as she will make a great mum



- To get out to shows in summer again with her and try to be placed as this is her last year in youngster classes

- To continue to get her going long-reining her and back her in summer she turns 3 30th April, then once basics are there send her away to finish off wok then turn her away for winter with fi.


So thats my main plans really the aims for the year, also want to take them to beach and take princess out to a few more shows this summer as she did enjoy her first show last year.

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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: Aims for 2011

back riley, if it takes all year so be it!

bring ruby back to fitness and get her working!

It has been calculated thay any two thoroughbreds picked at random will on average have more than 13% of their genes in common.

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Jan 09

Posts: 2403

Cocosmom says:

Re: Aims for 2011

Well this year want to:

1) Start doing prelims with Coco, we did some walk trots last year and he was coming on really well so time to challenge ourselves a little more!!

2) I also desperately want to get him jumping courses, and do a few clear rounds to get him used to new jumps, fillers and the atmosphere. Just started introducing him to fillers and different jumps and courses in October and then he tore his muscle larking around in the field so back to the starting blocks!!!

3) I want to hire the XC course and introduce him to XC fences and fun, and start doing some little XC clear rounds.  

4) Depending on how the above 3 go, I would like to do a mini ODE in September

5) And of course just have lots of fun, keep him fit, healthy and lots of hacking out!!!

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Jun 09

Posts: 619

gemCal says:

Re: Aims for 2011

Good luck everyone with all your plans, sounds like there are some busy years ahead! I'm not making too many plans this year as our lives are going to be changing a lot come May and I'm not totally sure how that will affect everything, but the basics are:

Non - horsey: Get this little baby out safely in May and learn to be a good mum, plus drop all weight I put on so I won't be too heavy to sit on Cally.

Horsey: Make sure Cally doesn't miss out at all when the little one comes along (I'm actually hoping the time off work will allow me to do more with her but we'll have to wait and see). Get myself back riding again as soon as possible (I had to stop 'cos the riding school insurance wouldn't cover me and I am missing it so much).

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: Aims for 2011

My aims are to try and find another rider for Danser, it would be quite easy if she was a quiet ride bit she is far from it!!

Re back Charlie and get him going this summer. He went quite nicely by the end of last summer so hoping it doesn't take too long to get back where we were,

Next aim is to get my daughter cantering on her pony. She is just about ready to trot off the leadrein, hopefully tomorrow. She has done it out hacking but Danser gets too fiery for her pony to cope with so i don't ride with her yet, hopefully by the end if the summer.


. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Jul 09

Posts: 9

dawney28 says:

Re: Aims for 2011

My aim is to continue with ODE / XC on my boy, we did our first one last year and came 3rd so I think this may be his calling - saying that it was only little, but we all have to start somewhere... also need to work on his schooling, trying to find an instructor so fingers crossed I will find someone soon, who can turn my rude cob into a nice cob again (not holding much hope, but I can wish) lol....

Obviously on top of the above I would like to compete at HOYS, Hickstead etc... etc... have a wee bit to go yet ha ha

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Apr 08

Posts: 943

Sophii17 says:

Re: Aims for 2011

Ella shares the same b'day as me she must be very special ;)!


Plans for 2011


Oscar -

Bsja him by summer want to be jumping 90cm/1m tracks! And do a elementry dressage test working at novice at the mo so should be a easyish goal!


Clover -

Get him jumping clear, already well on the way to this after his fab performance at the weekend!


Topaze -

Get her out doing novice dressage tests and jumping a 90cm course :)!


Kao -

Back her and do some basic schooling hacking maybe a walk trot test etc!

Topaze Clover & Oscar <3

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Dec 10

Posts: 44

Mkirby says:

Re: Aims for 2011

Bring Lilly into jumping but ease her into it. Hack her out. Get her into a new swing of things as have only had her since november 14th 2010. Do a little bit of local showing. But the main thing is to bond and have fun with her and be the best owner i can be xxxx

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Apr 08

Posts: 1040

bexc3 says:

Re: Aims for 2011

Well my aims are simple schooling schooling schooling, im desperate to have the confidence to get out and about to shows and do some dressage but that starts with schooling at home and unfortunately i find it far to easy to go out hacking instead but once i get going with the schooling i actually enjoy it. Also want to have some lessons and get out to a few more fun rides as we both love them.


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Dec 10

Posts: 452

Bardybear says:

Re: Aims for 2011

Barnaby has turned out to be good at TREC, so I want to pursue that this year.  I really love it.  I have to practise my map reading skills for this.  I need to be jumping him, too, so I don't miss out on any points available.  He doesn't have problems with jumping, it's up to me to get my act together again.  I really want an instructor who encourages me without overfacing me.  This is our first full year together and I'm really looking forward to it.  I adore this horse and am so grateful to him for restoring my trust in the equine race.

"He is the lord of all horses and has been my friend through many dangers."

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Feb 05

Posts: 2351

beckaroo says:

Re: Aims for 2011

 Get round a level 2 TREC with the big lady, and get her left side swinging and relaxed as nicely as her right side! And win an affiliated elementary! Any jumping prowess away from home at 1.10 would just be a bonus, caus I don't know when I'll be fortunate enough to get out jumping with some kind person with a space in their lorry!

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