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Jul 09

Posts: 911

rachelha says:

my girl makes me so proud

havent ridden her for a few weeks since i fell off and look at how amazing she went:


also, people good at spotting lameness... shes been off the danilon for about 2 weeks now and that was the first time ive ridden her without it, how do you think shes looking? her bad leg is the left hind but she seemed to be tracking up better with her bad leg than she did with her good leg! strange horse lol

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  1. ginger beastie  
  2. off  
  3. pretty  

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Nov 09

Posts: 238

Re: my girl makes me so proud

She looks amazing! Couldn't spot anything - but then I'm not particularly good at it! Very jealous, she looks just like my old horse x

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