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Jan 10

Posts: 183

MrsHutt says:

Re: Horse tricks? : / hmmm Spoiling horses or harmless fun?

 It's very funny that this thread was re-started today as I was flicking through an old mag earlier (looking for an article) when I noticed an ad for sale - a lovely, big cob type that did tricks, including rearing.  I thought 'I don't like the sound of that!'   I think there is a fine line between training a horse to be good mannered and 'helpful' and teaching something that could be potentially dangerous.

I have thought about clicker training Hugo to do such things as put his head down for me to reach his ears, etc (he's quite tall when he wants to be!).  He will aready move 'back' and 'over' on voice commands, and he will give a kiss for a polo or carrot (come to think of it, he will do pretty much anything for a carrot!) 

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