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Apr 08

Posts: 1

porterbelly says:

edema under the belly

i have a horse, which is 31 yrs. old. i noticed him straining to urinate and that he was also puffy down in that area. the vet came out, took bloodwork on him, put him on a diaretic. we were thinking some kind of organ failure. bloodwork came back normal. came back, cleaned his sheath and put him on antibiotic, as i thought maybe he had an urinary tract infection. hes still puffy down there, havent seen him urinate but hes eating all his food. hes not a big drinker. this horse is outside all the time, so im not sure on how much he drinks or urinates. anyone have any suggestions for me?

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Apr 08

Posts: 426

kateflashy says:

Re: edema under the belly

i know a freind of mine had a simerler problem well her horse did it turned out to be a form of laminitis dont know the ins and outs of it but i know they tested him for every thing and thats what they came back with once he was on a strict diat he got back to normal

she wasnt just a horse she was the best

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