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Jul 10

Posts: 189

Angel10101 says:

The Jumping Position?


Apparently i am nearly ready to start jumping and we are practising the position and i cant do it

Any Tips please x

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Oct 10

Posts: 627

lydiarose says:

Re: The Jumping Position?

 Just move with the horse! Don't over stretch or poke your arms forward. 

When I jump I just bow, I stay seated and keep my hands where they were originally and just bend my body towards his neck. It just means that there's still contact with the bit, and my arms go with my body, which is going with his body, which is going with his mouth. Its just a matter of staying in time with the motion.

It will take time to get used to it, especially if you ride a lot of different horses as I find all horses have a different jump and I adjust to it after a few jumps. Just keep calm and focus! And good luck, I'm sure you will love jumping. 

Woodhouse JT <3

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Nov 05

Posts: 37

sonya says:

Re: The Jumping Position?

keep quite a bit of weight in your legs and its best to give with your hands as your likely to be a bit unbalanced at first and you do want to jab your pony :)

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Apr 08

Posts: 37

LottieKal says:

Re: The Jumping Position

 put your weight in your stirrups, you dont need to leave the saddle by miles, just shift your weight so more is in the stirrups than your seat.  Keep your heels down but not tense as you need them to absorb the shock of landing.  

Your lower leg is where you security comes from, this is the part of you its most important to control.   Try to keep them still over the jump but dont lock them as they need to flex, dont ram your legs forward as if the horse takes off long they'll be of no use to you going with him and getting your weight of his back, but they do need to be more forward than if you were on the flat, on the girth rather than just behind.

As for folding, dont stress too much about it at first as you are only going to be jumping small. bring your shoulders a bit in front of you hips and go with the horses movement, dont stand bolt upright as you'll hinder your horse and affect his balance.   You fold more as teh jumps get higher, but you can get to over 3ft with only a slight fold as long as your in balance and dont yank the horses mouth out.

Give with your hands, dont shove you hands to his ears but remeber his mouth is just as sensitive as yours so bear that in mind, if you think your going to pull his mouth hard, just slip your reins over the fence.

HOpe that helps. It'll be tough at first but no matter what practice makes perfect :D just keep trying. No one is perfect at first.

YOur instructor should help you and tell you how to improve.   enjoy!

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Jul 10

Posts: 190

xmellensx says:

Re: The Jumping Position?

I've always found that a neck strap can help first time/panicky jumpers. I know I did it when i first started so i remembered to keep my hands still rather than yanky or moving and confusing the horse.


If you try alot of light seat walk, trot canter then you will perfect your balance. Start with small cross poles and work up as and when you feel comftable. Good Luck hope to see some pics :) x

"Why walk, when we can Gallop?"

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