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Apr 10

Posts: 377

Bobandben says:

Sarcoids soooo worried!!

Bob it seems has 2 sarcoids, 1 on side of his head which is quite  a big one and one on his chest much smaller.  I had the vet out a fortnight ago to clarify what these lumps were, unfortunately he confirmed what i had been dreading that they were sarcoids.  However since then, they've changed appearance and have become bulging and quite red. 

The vet will be bring me some cream hopefully tomorrow to start some treatment on them.  I've been sooo worried about him, and what happens from now on really.  I have no experience of them, so was wondering what experience you have all had with sarcoids and how you have treated them, and with how much success really.     



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Oct 09

Posts: 342

harriety says:

Re: Sarcoids soooo worried!!

Hi, my horse had one sarciod under his belly near his sheaf. It also changed apprearence and got bigger. He had it treated with liverpool cream over a period of a week and he had three treatments.. they came with a pair of rubber gloves dabbed abit of cream on and off they went and came back 2 days later. He got very sore and swollen for a couple of days and thats it. Around 8-12weeks after it fell off completely and had healed up great cant even tell were it was and he hasnt had anymore. I understand that its a more difficult treatment if on face/head and i'm not sure how they go about it or if they do it didfferent... hope thats helps

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: Sarcoids soooo worried!!


I have used bloodroot cream on a couple of sarcoids and it has worked fantastic. The largest one took a while to clear but the hair is now starting to grow back a bit. Well worth using in my experience.

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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Sarcoids soooo worried!!

Feel for you!  My mare had the Liverpool treatment a few years ago, worked ok but she reacted terribly with secondary burning and inflammation. We then tried Aldara but she also reacted to this with a very swollen belly.  She has been clear for about 3 years but 2 new ones have appeared :-( although in totally different area, so I am going to talk to my Vet this afternoon about the Newmarket Bloodroot cream.  My girl can't have bute because of her liver problem so I wonder if this will be an option for her.

Let you know how we get on and my Vet's view if I remember to ask ha ha, might be too busy getting her to stand for her feet to be x-rayed!!!!

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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