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Sep 10

Posts: 2

scrumpyjill says:

spooky horse

i have jsut started riding a young thoroughbred gelding (ex racehorse) and whenever we go on hacks he is so spooky - not at anything in particular but EVERYTHING is a possible monster waiting to eat him... including the grass - the last hack i went on he was fly leaping and bronking trying to kick/ buck at the invisible things - not fun! Im thinking maybe he doesnt trust me enough yet - any suggestions? should i work him in the school and lunge him and really try and build up a bond with him beforei attempt to hack him out again or should I keep trying ( we were with 2 other horses on that ride)

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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: spooky horse

 i'd get his confidence in you up, and continue to get him out hacking. continue his work in the school as well will do him good, i'm afaid sounds like a few young tb's

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Endurance Arabians


Jun 08

Posts: 2071

Re: spooky horse

With my young Arabs i tend to long line them out hacking they still have an experienced horse with them. All my Arabs are long lined in the school so they are used to it plus i lead them out in hand so when they see a monster they see im ok and they get there confidence from me.


Try and build up your bond with this youngster in the school not just riding but also on the ground to, lead your horse out on hacks and when he thinks there is a monster take him up and show him its not going to eat him carry some bits of apple and carrots and praze him up when he goes up to the monsters. I have found this works a treat.


You cant beet the good old ground work it just can get a bit boring at  times but well worth the bordem.

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