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Jun 10

Posts: 45

what bit for jumping?


my horse can get very strong and rushy when i'm jumping him and want to change his bit for jumping only. im gonna get a grackle noseband aswell. he is in an eggbut snaffle at the moment wich is ok for general use and he also has a soft mouth, but i just need those extra breaks for keeping him under controll. anybody got any suggestions?

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Nov 10

Posts: 7

Re: what bit for jumping?

hello, i had this problem with my sport horse, he used to run at jumps. i solved this problem by putting trotting or canter poles before the jump, so he had to go slower to concentrate, and also if he was in trot, he couldnt go into canter because of the trotting poles. it took about a week of gradually taking a pole away, each time i rode. and now he is absolutly fine when jumping. i found this is a really effective way of teaching them not to rush!

hope this helps??


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Dec 10

Posts: 14

Re: what bit for jumping?

My horse gets very hyper and tends to do a very fast canter up to the jump so i put him in a linked pelum and i know everyone says there harsh and there very strong but if you use it correctly you shouldn't have a problem.

Don't know if this help?


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Jul 08

Posts: 227

FlaxenLady says:

Re: what bit for jumping?

Before you start swapping bits id try going back to basics with him, getting him to go carmly over the poles/small jump after a while if he isnt learning id then try swapping your bit.
My lad was the same, he'd bolt at the jump i went back to basics and he was great but still very strong.
Pelhams arnt harsh when used correctly or its the right type of pelham for the horse, its when there used by the wrong person, in my opinion.
My lads in a pelham, due for it being legal in the show ring and he's an angel in it for all types of work.
Mines a ported pelham but i am hoping to get a bit women out soon.
If you want the best idea and type of bit for your lad id do the same, i know its costly but sometimes horses run and get strong due to being in pain or discomfort.
Sorry about the essay ahaha :)

Let us know how you get on :) xxxxx

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