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Oct 09

Posts: 1

Lauramac09 says:

Loan Horse Wanted

Im looking for a horse on loan for up to  a year for now :)

Im looking for something 16hh - 17.2 to do a bit of everything with and just generally have fun. Must be able to move yards closer to where i live. Im an experienced rider with 13years riding behind me, having previously owned my own horses and am currently helping others with theirs.

If you would like to know any more information feel free to ask.

Thanks :) 

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Aug 10

Posts: 5196

kevinhiatt says:

Re: Loan Horse Wanted

You will have to make private arrangements what about a part share its cheaper. My horse is on permenant loan from a rescue centre and checks are made on you and your ability riding and looking after your horse. Referenances are taken up from the Vet and details are required of the other services you use also some check where you are going to keep your horse and also they will match you with a suitable horse and watch you ride and handle them be warned. My horse now is a ex-racehorse Chesnut Mare 17.2h aged 20. My son does the private loan and rides a Event Horse because it needs the exercise and his Girl friend rides a ex-racehorse stallion a pain.

Gypsy Gold does not chink & glitter.It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.Tonka & Lara my beautiful horses RIP, Nelson,Chloe & Kitty the cats.

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Apr 08

Posts: 95

VickyC says:

Re: Loan Horse Wanted

 Hi, I'm looking to loan my 16.2 Irish sports horse where do you live?

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