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Jan 09

Posts: 211

Ride.Itt says:

Help pleasee =]

hey guys im in work AGAIN o well closer to the holiday ;)

and im bored =/ so iv wrote a huge list of things to print out and stuff like that but i need some help on the first one

iv decided to make 2folders with all of maths details (his winter rota summmer rota medical problems ect ect ) im going to put some health check forms in to make sure that for example if hes had a little cough for 2weeks then goes and then i go on holiday and hes ill who ever is looking after him can show the vet =]

but i cant think what to put on the form

i know things like pulse / breathing/ clear eyes ect but other things :D

also gonna include what to do if jack has another attack and all the stuff he has to have as its a bit daunting if its your first time =]


yes .. i do feel very organised haha xx

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