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Jan 09

Posts: 211

Ride.Itt says:

Someone HELP !!

arrrrrr im so bored , works quiet and i have access to a computer and a printer .. however i cant go on fb orhot mail ect :(

some one give me ideas to do

iv already made a feed chart haha

.. im considering writing my christmas list ... and we dont want that now haha xx

You Can Lead A Horse To Water... But If You Can Make It Lie Down And Float On Its Back You Have Something

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May 09

Posts: 436

Re: Someone HELP !!

go on the cosmopolitan forum! there is loads to read on there.......... it keeps me entertained for hours!! xx

~Whistling Dixie~

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Jan 10

Posts: 323

lulaclaire says:

Re: Someone HELP !!

 i know how you feel!! were quiet and the dam net blocks everything! i like the cosmo site but guessing itll be blocked.

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