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Jan 09

Posts: 211

Ride.Itt says:


hey guys im in work ... temping for 2weeeks in a reception and its very  boring.just thinking of the money £50 a day =D then finish next friday big family bbq on the sat spend sunday packing then 4am monday morning off to the airport we go for 2weeks in turkey with my lovely boyfriend and family :)

been in need of a decent holiday haha

jw though guys im planning on carrying maths workload on until the sunday i go away so mainly 5days of ridden/lunging/stretch games ( yes we have a hour now of being in the school making him stretch and playing with new things eg BEACH BALL!!) haha.he also has a show on sunday just as alitttle going out day for some fun as its going to be empty as everyone will be at uk showing

while im in turkey would it be best to have someone lunge him or what i was hopefully going to do just turn him away so he has a llittle holiday himself hes been working quite hard recently when i come back hes got a couple of weeks to get ready for Northwest showjumping champions & the workers champs plus a show or 2

i was thinking of reducing the schooling when i come back and finding someone to hack with me aleast 3 times a week ( i have BAD issues hacking hence neediign some one there) and then school for say once a week?

hes best kept in regualr work and stick by little and often never schooled more than half a hour :D

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