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Jan 09

Posts: 211

Ride.Itt says:

What can they eat

The other day me and my mum were having a big tidy out of my tack room when i heard jack making a lot of noise when i came to the front he had gone in my mums bag and grabbed a orange and was happily munching on it haha

so i was wondering what else can we feed our horses fruit & veg?

im thinking of going to buy some and having a little taster on what they like

i already no that jack will backflip for a banana hes obsessed hahaa

but wondered any more

any unusall ones?


You Can Lead A Horse To Water... But If You Can Make It Lie Down And Float On Its Back You Have Something

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Mar 09

Posts: 4392

Re: What can they eat

Everything really only thing they cant eat is potatoes but everything else is fine. Fi will eat anything but ella is little more picky and princess only will eat apples and carrots so far i leave different veg and fruit around field for girls to have something to do. Strawberries are fi's fav fruit. Ive also started freezing juice for them and cutting up bits of fruit to add in so they lick it and then get fruit as well. x

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Aug 09

Posts: 184

stephnpierre says:

Re: What can they eat

They can eat most things and most skins, for example Pier loves banana skins but won't touch the actual banana haha. The only thing I know is to be careful of natural sugars, as they're very fattening and can even hype up your horse. Like I can feed Pier bananas all day because he struggles to gain weight but my friend won't give her arab or shetland any as they gain weight so easily. I've tried most things, but Pier is very fussy so will only regularly eat apples and carrots :P xx

Stephanie and Pierpoint :)

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Feb 05

Posts: 2351

beckaroo says:

Re: What can they eat

 Fallon loves strawberries, parsnips, and broccoli - won't touch a turnip though fussy girl!!

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: What can they eat

Starlett loves all fruits.Carrots are the only veg she eats. She has an extremley sweet tooth.

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Nov 08

Posts: 1327

*chip* says:

Re: What can they eat

spangle loves swedes, llol, i hang them from his roof =) dont give too many oranges or they get the trots so im told, haha. erm, spag also loves strawberry jelly =/ not so healthy but funny to watch, he loves most chewy sweets actually, lil thief. he wont touch bananas though oh n he likes beef paste butties n grapes, my friends horse likes herbal tea, i might try brocoli  

ride a gypsy vanner... it'll make your butt look smaller

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Apr 05

Posts: 2175

adele1008 says:

Re: What can they eat

pears are the favourite with all of mine though i must try merlin with an orange, he goes mad for orange juice, hes tried most fruits - strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, grapes which they really like, apples, not keen on bananas but likes to peel and play with the skin, veg wise they like turnips, carrots and a few brussel sprouts, i accidently gave him a nectarine once thinking it was an apple and he was revolted, i think he thought i was trying to poison him lol

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