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Ben's Mum


Sep 08

Posts: 1113

Ben's Mum says:

Horsebox Comp

Hi, not really been on here much recently.  I'm still having a rough time and I'm fed up with being miserable and only doing miserable posts so thought I'd wait til my luck changes and come on here to give my good news (whatever it may be and if I ever get any).

However, I've had to break that to come on and say - please don't anybody enter the horsebox comp in this mnths mag.  I want to win it desperately and I'm guessing that will only be guaranteed if I'm the only entrant.  Alternatively, if you do want to enter please use my name and address.

You're all good friends on here so I know you'll help me out!!!  Thanks in advance

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~ Sir Winston Churchill

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Mar 10

Posts: 433

ggray1502 says:

Re: Horsebox Comp

Hee hee i like it, it would be an amazing prize to win, reckon its my only chance of getting any transport at the moment

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Jan 12

Posts: 2

Re: Horsebox Comp

who won it x


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Oct 10

Posts: 783

lydiarose says:

Re: Horsebox Comp

 All I'm saying is that if another person that already had a horsebox wins it again I'm giving up all hope in humanity haha!

Woodhouse JT <3

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Sep 08

Posts: 5159


brook says:

Re: Horsebox Comp

lol, that would be a fantastic prize would'nt it ! We can dream can't we. Best of luck to you X

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