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Jul 09

Posts: 97

llinosd says:


has anybody got ant info on bsja as im totally clueless and need to know for the anglesey county show..would be much appreciated for help.

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Jul 08

Posts: 227

FlaxenLady says:

Re: bsja?

Just go on the BSJA website hun :)

Has pretty much all the things you need to know:

If it hasnt got what you need, email or phone them.


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Dec 10

Posts: 32

Hannah11 says:

Re: bsja?

right bsja, what do u want too know you can register you and your horse which means your horse will start as a grade c until you have won some money it will go up there is a briittish novice which starts at 90cm

Hannahhhh xo

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Jun 10

Posts: 463

Charlotte10 says:

Re: bsja?

As FlaxenLady said it should all be explained on the website but i found it quite confusing and just asked a friend who had affiliated, also you could as at your local show ground as they're usually helpful :) xx

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