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Oct 08

Posts: 111

Duchess10 says:

When to re-introduce mare & foal

Hi guys

Today i completely seperated my mare & foal,Put Velvet (mare) across to my cousins place as a companion pony & kept Laddie(foal) at home untill he is weaned,he is now 8months old & shes not looking her best so thought this was for the best,

Now there both taking to it really well hes not fussing & ive just heard that shes not bothered at all we have been sperating them for a while now building up to the big split.

But what i was wondering when can would it be safe to take her home again? when she does come home again there going to have to share a feild but im not wanting him to start suckling at her again?

Thank you


The more time i spend with people the more i love my animals!!

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Aug 08

Posts: 2658

appycob says:

Re: When to re-introduce mare & foal

I'm not really sure but I know a friend of mine separated her mare and foal for 6 weeks, then put them back in the same field together with no problems

I cant believe how quick the time has gone and that Laddie is 8 months already, can we have some piccies please  xxxxx

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Apr 10

Posts: 7

Katharina says:

Re: When to re-introduce mare & foal

Hi there,

The pony stud farm where I trained used to let foals run with their mum's until yearling (by which time they had weaned themselves without any interference from humans), then the foals would be taken off to a field "over the hills and far away", where a bunch of retired ponies would look after them for the next 2 years. Then they'd be brought back into the main herd, to be started on their ground education. The reasoning was that when you reintroduce mother and foal too early again, even if the foal doesn't start suckling again, there is a danger of rebonding psychologically and then you may end up with a situation where the mare becomes hard to ride away without her foal or the foal tearing up the paddock when she is taken out etc. Of course, your set up is probably entirely different and you are not managing a 70 pony stud farm. However, I've had a client before whose mare did rebond with her foal when they were put back together after 9 months apart and it was a really big problem, so there seems to be wisdom in what the farm did. If I was you, I would probably get my mare back home and send the foal away to mature elsewhere for 18 to 24 months. Preferably alongside a good mannered "nanny" horse and not alongside a bunch of other youngsters. I don't know whether that is a possibility for you. Hope it helps.

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Mar 10

Posts: 381

ggray1502 says:

Re: When to re-introduce mare & foal


when we weaned Rosie from her mum we took Brooke back to the stallion where she stayed for 4 weeks then came back to share the same field.  Rosie was a yearling and had partially weaned herself but never looked for her mum after the day we took Brooke away.  They have shared the same field for the last 6 years and we have no problems (brooke kinda glares at her Rosie was avery naughty baby! )  We do this with the majority of our babies but depends on mums condition have taken them away earlier - our mares and foals tend to run with the herd once the foals are about 1-2months old which in our case works well because they make pals and don't rely so much on mum.

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