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Apr 10

Posts: 1

How do I get a passport for my pony?

I bought a pony without a passport. How do I get one for her?

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Nov 09

Posts: 223

tbgirl25 says:

RE: I bought a pony without a passport. How do I get one for her?

Firstly, you should never had bought a horse without a passport, it is now illegal and you could receive a £5000 fine for it.

Whats to say that the horse is not stolen?

You need to contact the police and let them do a thorough check of the horse to insure that this is not the case, they maybe some poor sole missing their stolen horse (you will then have to give the horse back-but thats the chance you took when you bought the horse without a passport- and you will loose your money).

 Then you need to contact the breed society (if you know the breed of the horse) or PET ID who issue passports cheapy.

I suggest you also get the horse freezebranded and/or mircochipped. Also you need to sort out insurance once you have the passport (they will need the number of the passport to insure it).

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Apr 05

Posts: 2851

rhapsody says:

RE: I bought a pony without a passport. How do I get one for her?

I don't think you would be fined for buying the pony without the passport, the onus for obtaining the passport and making sure all legalities are adhered to lies with the person selling it, they would be fined for breaking the law, not you.  Buying a pony without a passport is not illegal, but selling one without a passport is.  That said, you have been ill advised going ahead with the purchase without the passport being in place but if you are sure of the ownership of the pony i.e. was it in its last home for a long time etc then again nothing to worry about, the deed is done.  Now you must obtain a passport straight away and I would recommend the horse passport agency.  I have never had to give a passport number to obtain horse insurance but they will ask for the microchip number if there is one (recommended) and may also ask to see a vet certificate so you might need to arrange for a vetting if you haven't had one done, the vet will also have to complete part of the application form for the passport as there is an identification diagram of the horse which must be completed by the vet and it would be a good time to get vaccinations done and teeth checked at the same time.  Try not to worry, the deed has been done and now you need to put things right.

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