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Jul 09

Posts: 168

Clicky765 says:

hand postitions :-/

right so,

ive been riding for 8 months now, well 8 moths this wedensday and ive been jumping for about 6 months, but i still dont know where i should put my hands, i carnt porperly do the position yet or anything, and i just wanted a few tips if you had any for me (a) all i seem to do it push my hips forward, still in the saddle and pull the reins towards me, which i know isnt the right thing to do,,

i have a youtube if you want to see me jumping, but if you get the idea of what i mean, any tips ?, i want to improve in my jumping this next few months

i have attached a video, not sure if it works, but if it does, chloes the one on butty when she refused, then i have a couple of peathetic falls haha and then i have 2 jumps, and there maintly the position i tend to do :/

shauna xoxo

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Jan 10

Posts: 33

hifizrider1 says:

Re: hand postitions :-/

First of all, It is completely for you to find it hard to adjust your jumping position because you haven't been riding for that long!

For your jumping position, you need to get low in the saddle and push your hips back. You need to "fold" over the jump. Your hands need to go up the horses neck. Look at the pictures i have attached from me jumping and try to put them into practice when you next jump!


Also, check out my YouTube because there are many jumping video's on there!



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  1. Jumping Minstrel  
  2. Minstrel Edit.  
  3. Minstrel Jumping Edit.  

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Jul 10

Posts: 615

leannemccabe says:

Re: hand postitions :-/

believe it or not once you get a feel for jumping it does acctually come quite natural because you dont want to jab the horse in the mouth, but i'd say for whilst your learning, see if you can ride with a neck strap or if you have a martingale hold that strap, and try to fold although it has to come at the right time, too early and you'll loose balance to late and you'll get left behind and loose balance - im going back on myself here but dont think too hard about folding or either of those two things could happenwait for the jump sit upright and relax when you feel your pony about to take of  fold your upper body forward then sit back down again, when i first learned to jump i was really sad and used to stradle the 5bar gate and practice lifting my bum out the saddle, folding my top half and trying to balance, dont know wether it worked or not but it made up for not jumping very often! good luck :) - holding a neckstrap will help with your hands in answer to your question when you get more used to jumping you wont need it anymore as you'll know where your hands need to go :)

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