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Apr 10

Posts: 1

Zozboz says:

Roger and Cindy RIP

Roger and Cindy are so sadly missed by us all at the Stables. I want to say how sorry I am that you both got killed the way you did. We can all critisize the way people drive and how fast they drive but it will never bring you both back. Roger - I am happy I was there with you for the last couple of minutes of your life, when you lifted your head up to look at me as I was running towards you with the headcollar, I thought you would be ok, how wrong I was. Everytime I walk down Edingborough Way, it reminds me of that horrible day, the dying flowers lay where you and Cindy got killed by that car. I miss you lots my little stallion XxX and Cindy - I didnt know you for long but you was a great horse, we had so much fun going out riding with Louise and Queenie. I am so sorry that I wasnt there for your final moments like I was with our Roger. Miss you lots too, so badly wish I could bring you both back XxX

XxX RIP both of you, Zoe D'aniello XxX

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Jun 06

Posts: 657

sammyseshi says:

Re: Roger and Cindy RIP

:( I'm so sorry, sounds like a terrible situation!!! R.I.P xxx

My babies have hooves :)

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