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Jun 05

Posts: 118

Sallyboo says:

Where can I find routes?!

I moved onto my yard in August last year and its brilliant, facilities, people and most of all he loves it! When I moved on I asked if there was any hacking in the area, the answer was yes. Great I thought, but now it's getting to that time of year where I want to be going on little adventures and although I've found willing people to come we can't find any routes!

We have no box so it's not as if we can box up and go somewhere, and the next village up from me has brilliant hacking but that would involve a 2.5 mile hack just to get to the start of the bridlepath along a VERY busy road. Now the road doesn't bother me or my horse, but I find it frustrating that no-one seems to know/want to tell me where I can go!

The long and the short of it, does anyone know where I can find information about hacking and bridlepaths? I've found a website but it isn't helpful and not very up to date as even my old hacking routes which involved a large park and a good percentage of the Transpennine trail aren't on there!


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Sep 08

Posts: 277

laylarj says:

Re: Where can I find routes?!

have you triede the BHS? also see if people on here are local to you and if they know where to go. hope you find some soon - i'm really lucky my yard is right next to cannock chase!

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Endurance Arabians


Jun 08

Posts: 2071

Re: Where can I find routes?!

You need to get yourself an OS map of your area the Orange ones are the best for finding bridleways.

You can get them from you local Book Shops, WH Smiths, some camping shops and some country wides also do them if they dont have one your local WH Smiths or Book shop will order you one. 

Boyfriends come and go but my Arabs are for life

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Sep 08

Posts: 363

Re: Where can I find routes?!

Good luck finding somewhere good to hack near us!  I took nobility up to sett valley trial on sunday, like a wider more improved middle wood way really.  its up New Mills, Hadfield way but obviously I had to take him up in the trailer.

Might be worth hiring a box for though cos there is a great horse unloading area thats all fenced off incase of any escapees etc x

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