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Jan 09

Posts: 211

Ride.Itt says:

Tounge Twister :)

Hey guyss

i was wondering does anyone have a tounge twister for there horse its just iv been looking at getting one for math as the stable is boring as anything to him so far in there he has his haynet and he likit and the repirotry horse lyx he also has his love of his life treat ball

however hes abit clever and nothing lasts and i refuse to buy new treats every week for him so he gets bored and trashes the stable he knows how to push the rope the likit hangs from to across the rails on the side of his stable nex to the brick part so he can just bite it and i cnt hang the lickit anywhere else he pushes his treat ball up his leg so the treats fall out after go knows how long he donsnt care about the horse lyx as theres no trouble getting that and he only gets it every other night as i dont want him to have a suger overload but i seen the toung twister and it looks really good :)

any one got it ?


You Can Lead A Horse To Water... But If You Can Make It Lie Down And Float On Its Back You Have Something

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Mar 09

Posts: 4392

Re: Tounge Twister :)

Fiona has one, the likits last about 2/3 weeks in the twister as its harder than the bordom brakers as soon as they lick it the twister moves around. But we had to bolt it to the wall as fiona had smashed it off in a temper one day x

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Nov 08

Posts: 176

lexipuppy says:

Re: Tounge Twister :)

 i personally hated the tounge twister and prefered the boredom breaker. i in herited a brand new tounge twister from a friend of mine and otto managed to pull the whole ball thing off  and it was far too easy for him, i found that if he put enough weight onto the ball it never spun so figured that the boredom breaker was the best ;)


its fixed so he cant trap it against anything at all so it swings and my likits last longer too :)

discuss matters with a stallion, ask a mare nicely, and tell a gelding :)

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