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Jan 10

Posts: 59

MissTitch says:

Is your other half horsey????


Do you share your passion with your other half? Or do they complain about the amount of time you spend with your furry family???

My hubby is fearless & clueless - a lethal combination!! - I'm not bein mean, we are both on a steep learning curve lol! He was around horses when he was younger & is used to handling them but little riding etc. He has had the odd dig about me swanning around up the yard (swan isnt the term i'd use - hauling barrows full of sh.......)   I'd be interested to see what other peoples experience of this is???Are your partners supportive??


I think my next post should be - Do i ask too many questions lol!!

Life is for learning........

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Jul 09

Posts: 971

oldmare says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

someone asked me the other day why do horses like polo/mints -  mind you ours like most treats (Iwills like his burgers!!) - answered them 'cos they do' -  can anyone come up with a reason why?

you never choose the horse, the horse chooses you

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: Is your other half horsey????

not really, but he will fill water buckets and haynets and hold Pride for me when he comes to the yard. He has been known to drive to the yard in blizzard conditions when my old mare was turned out in it as it wasn't forecast. Her brought her in changed her rugs and sorted her out. bless him. As far as riding and spending time at the yard, he get cross if i DONT ride and encourages me to speand as much time as I can there. He says if im happy then he's happy, if im grumpy for lack of time etc he sends me to the yard for my horse sniffing session!

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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Feb 07

Posts: 392

Faron says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

My OH used to do a little riding when he was younger but only a handful of times. He loves my old girl! He loves zelda (haha dont ask) and he thinks she looks like that horse! I bought him jodphurs a couple months ago and he lives in them when he's at mine! He always helps feed them and look after them with me. His riding is pretty good too these days and Millie loves him! She is one tough mare to please but she's really fond of him :) can't wait until I can get Konnor out too and we can ride together  

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

My OH isn't really horsey. He'd never been around them before he met me but he will look after them for me when i'm poorly or really busy. I'd be lost without him as i can ring him up if i'm late getting home and ask him to fetch them in for me. Nobody other than myself and my OH have handled Charlie(for leading him about). My horses tend to behave better for him than they do for me. When i first got Charlie he used to go up to the stables and talk to him and fuss him to get him used to men, as used to hate them!!!

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Sep 09

Posts: 104

Martine17 says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

I wish!

My husband has helped me muck out but is a bit nervous around Topaz.

We went to Devon on holiday years ago and managed to get him to go on a trek.

He was put on a real old boy and when we were asked to trot (my husband did not realise this meant go faster!) he nearly jumped off thinking the horse was going to bolt.

He tells everone about his experience of this thing that walked down the road eating the hedgerow and constantly farting!  Not sure he will ever get on another horse.



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Oct 07

Posts: 1472

dollymix says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

Well I actually met my now husband on an equestrian dating site!!! How cheesy is that?!!


He has always been 'outdoorsy' and started riding about 6 months before he met me as a way of relaxing after work. I wanted to meet someone who would understand what it means to be in a relationship with a horse owner (love me love my horse!)


However, I don't think he fully understood what being with a horse owner would be like. Afterall, being a horse owner is a life style choice rather than a hobbey (unless you are one of the lucky ones who can afford full livery!)


He is a star though and helps me loads. Although he doesn't have as much time to ride as we would both like (he runs his own business), he comes up and helps me finish the horses many nights through the week and pulls us everywhere in the trailer. He is a dab hand at filling haynets and de-icing water troughs too!! Plus he is also happy for me to do horsey things if we go on holiday - we went to a ranch for five nights of our two week honeymoon and both our horses appeared at our wedding (slighlty worried I am obsessed as i write this!)..we have also ridden on the beach in Carribean and he always jokes that I can find horses anywhere!


Some of my friends are not as lucky as they have a lot of problems with their other half moaning about the amount of time and money spent on our four legged friends! I guess I am pretty lucky

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Apr 09

Posts: 4431

yorkshiredeb says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

paul is now

he wasnt interested in horses at all - it was mine and leahs hobby but since gettign arhtur he has soooooo changed - Arthur has really won him over

he turns him out every morning - even at weekends he sets alarm for 7 to go and do it - he rides him, brags about him - is even trying to teach him tricks lol

he now talks about him more than i do! Arthrur is his screen saver at work and all his colleaugues are sick of hearing about him!

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Oct 08

Posts: 1443

Wager says:

Re: Is your other half horsey????

No my OH isn't into horses at all but has probably picked up a surprising amount of knowledge over the years; We have been on a family ranch holiday and he rode a few times but preferred the 4x4 activities etc. He did try riding twice down the stables years ago but said he hadn't got the bum for it (wonder what he meant by that?).So we agreed that I wouldn't make him ride and he wouldn't make me play football, and that way we stay happily married!! He does fund all mine and Sophie's riding activities tho, two horses, a trailer and even agreed to a towbar on his new Jag so it could pull the trailer.

The only thing he does moan a bit about is how much time I spend on this forum!!!! He asked last night what I found to do on it for so long, so I said It's a bit like you going down the pub, and having a chat about all sorts of stuff with your mates! Fair point he said.

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Nov 09

Posts: 65

Re: Is your other half horsey????

my boyfriend is quite supportive :) he wants me to get one when im 16 in febuary :) and he knows how much horses mean to me :P he wants to learn to ride but as he's 16 and has never ridden before he thinks he'll look silly :P i told him i'll teach him when i get my horsie :D im glad he's suportive and i go to a horse college so hes ok with that as long as i get good grades :P i mean we've been together for nearly 2 years now soo he'll have to deal with my horsie-ness :P and i think on the quiet he's a little horsie to :P

freya rose xxx


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Maximum Magic


Jun 08

Posts: 974

Re: Is your other half horsey????

I am very fortunate, as many of you know, that hubby is now as obsessed with horses as I am.  He'd never ridden in his life until he met me.  I used to work on a yard, and he'd help out, then one day he suddenly announced that he'd be starting lessons.  I nearly fell off my chair!  It just worked out that after he'd had four lessons we saw and fell in love with Barnaby, and now they have some sort of mutual admiration party going, which I am not invited to.  I would say I am the more technical rider, but what OH lacks in technical knowledge he more than makes up for in sheer guts and determination.  He's always been very confident around horses, and has a natural 'you can't hurt me' attitude, and funnily enough, they don't.  It was very funny when we first used to hack out together.  You know you call back down the line to check if everybody wants to trot, and everyone says yes, and off you go?  OH used to say, "Shall we have a trot now?" and set off, and Max used to rear and go careering off after him!  And when we used to come to a road crossing, OH used to just cross it, without thinking Max might be panicking about being left behind, and 'oh my, here comes a car!'  We've worked on our communication quite a bit since then!  And yes, he often feeds round before work, is on the Robinsons website more than me, and is obsessed with bits.  Funny things, men.

Read all about it at

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