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Nov 09

Posts: 139

AjPony says:

Re: Children and Horses

I used to go to a weekly stable club where you helped out, it was the closest i got to helping out before AJ.  Most of the girls there were more interested in their phones, friends and boyfriends - i have riends and a phone but i keep them to myself unless i got asked about them or my own friend came and talked to me about them.  Fair enough they all knew each other from school (i'm differant, im home schooled, lol), but they were there TO LEARN ABOUT HORSES/LOOK AFTER HORSES.  If a certain bunch were asked to groom, an hour later the sensible ones and younger ones who were more interested were sent in as back up and i was always asking them to get on with it.  i never saw them ride enough to see if they were bothered but i guessed some of them were more 'i ride 'cos my friend does/go to stable club cos my friend does' more than 'i go because i love horses and to stable club because i can't own a horse'.  i'd prefer to stay at home than go on holiday (unless it was a holiday containing large amounts of horses and no camping), buy jods than a new pair of fancy jeans (though the jeans would be good too lol).  where i go for lessons now they know about AJ and im allowed to untack, not usually tack up unles im at a riding day.  so if i go anywhere else it feels very weird not to untack/tack up, just have the horse led out, hop on and ride, hop off and maybe untack if you're lucky.  AJ is NOT mine but my 'i want a horse' dream since i was about 10 (started when i was 8) has finally come true, i can show and do whatever i like with him (within reason, no 3ft high spreads but i dont care).  He's a perfect schoolmaster but not so perfect in his jumping but i love him anyway

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: Children and Horses

Kids should definitely do the stable chores not just the riding. My daughter has asked me for a pony but i've told her when she is old enough to muck out and look after the pony then she isn't having one. She rides a couple of ponies for different people and she now she has to groom before she can ride. She's only on the lead rein walking and an occassional trot but she still helps get them ready, she's only 7 years old.

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Apr 06

Posts: 267

xmiriam2003x says:

Re: Children and Horses

no i think the childrens parents should take  ultimate responsibility for them, i have seen the kind of thing u described so many times. they shouldnt buy ponies for their kids if they arent sure that the kids are totally commited. i think that some parents try and force their interests on their kids ie. because they are horsey they buy their kids ponies and expect their kids to share the same passion for horses as they do. ive seen loads of parents trying to live their childhood dreams through their kids- as kids they wanted to have a pony and go showjumping so they buy really expensive ponies and lorries and equipment for a child who probably couldnt care less either way.

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