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Apr 09

Posts: 136

equus09 says:

how to bond with a youngster?

anyone got any tips on how to bond with a youngster?

age from 5/6 montth old?


(and can you worm at that young age?)

is there any special wormers that have to be used because shes young?

do i worm her once we've got her as she going to a new place?

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Jul 08

Posts: 198

classicalfan says:

Re: how to bond with a youngster?

There zre no paricular tips.  Just be consistent in your approach and training and she will trust you.  We normally worm from 6 months old and you're best worming her just before you move her to limit the risk of her contaminating the new grazing (wormers don't kill 100% of infestations).

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Mar 09

Posts: 233

RyfRaf says:

Re: how to bond with a youngster?

Handle your youngster as much as possible.  Lots of grooming and cuddles and I would take her for little walks.  By the time my youngster was 1 I could take her out on the main road and she would not bat an eyelid.  She has such a trust in me it is an amazing feeling.  If she goes out on a hack and there are road works she is so nosey that she has to poke them with her nose to check them out.  People and dogs are the worst as she just wants to stop and say hello.

With regards to worming you need to worm her before you bring her home and then plan out a regular worming program.

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Oct 09

Posts: 38

pollysmom says:

Re: how to bond with a youngster?

with our youngster we handled him as much as possible grooming, fussing and generally making us seem like fun to be around,

No hour of life is wasted... ...That is spent with a horse!!

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Jul 08

Posts: 46

Caddy731993 says:

Re: how to bond with a youngster?

join up is great for bonding! x

Caddy xxxxx !love you!

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