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Oct 09

Posts: 17

bubble123 says:

Blue - a very special boy!

This post is in memory of my gorgeous boy 'Blue' who  went to sleep on July 2nd. He had such bad arthritus in his front legs that no amount of painkillers would help. He was a very special horse with not a nasty bone in his body, he used to help disabled children to learn to ride, he never once attempted to kick or bite me, he was my best friend and i miss him so much.


Attached images:

  1. bluey at clouds before i got him  

Lindsey xxxx

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Oct 08

Posts: 2370

*duskyteddy* says:

Re: Blue - a very special boy!


very sorry for your loss, he is a beautiful looking horse and must be very sad. He's in a happy place now and is still looking down on you i am sure (:

beautiful horse though, he sounded lovely

amy xxx

Our lives begin to end; the day we become silent about the things that matter.

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Sep 08

Posts: 659

ilovearabs says:

Re: Blue - a very special boy!

Sorry for your loss x  He's gorgeous.

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Apr 09

Posts: 4431

yorkshiredeb says:

Re: Blue - a very special boy!

i echo the above - a beautiful looking horse with a beautiful heart from what you say - how lucky you were to be own and love him - remember the happy times xxx

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