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Jul 08

Posts: 19

sunnyday says:

Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

I have had my gorgeous horse for nearly a year. I posted on here this time last year about whether I should quit university for a horse. Anyway my heart won out after trying Monty and that was it I have spent every spare moment with him! I know I made the right decision in taking time out for me and my horse riding.

The problem is I have decided to return to university. I cant be stuck in a career I hate for the rest of my life, so I feel the best thing to do is to return to my studies (I have two years left). IF i was to work around 20 hours a week plus my lectures I would be able to afford his livery. However I WILL need time for studying and a bit of time to myself so it isnt really realistic. I am aiming to work part time to keep up with my lessons, but that will still mean I cant afford my horse (Both my dad and brother lost their long term, well paying jobs in the recession otherwise i know my family would support me) SO i either have to sell him or put him on loan. I dont want to part with him in a million years.

My riding instructor (who I have known for over 15 years) has kindly stated that she would be happy to put him out on loan so that I could continue my studies and still have the joy of owning him. She said we would have to draw up a written contract, and he would stay at the stables. He is such a happy chap i would never dream of putting out on loan to a strange or new place. I honestly only trust the people where I am with my horse. I would still have my lessons on him and I would still compete him, but this way I pay nothing for him (except my insurance) and she has use of him. She said i could sign him over for a few months or up to a year, depending on my situation.

I trust her COMPLETELY, but i wanted to know if anyone else has been in this situation? was it a good idea, did it work out or go wrong? Am i best to part company now and concentrate on my studies, or keep my boy and have the luxury of him after my studies? I want to be able to help support my family and I know by selling him I would have alot of money put to help him with. In these times are people finding it hard to sell their horses? he is my first one, so selling a horse is a new experience and im not sure what the market is like at the moment should i choose to do so. sorry for all the questins but many thanks for your replys!!!!

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Oct 06

Posts: 1773

MaesSeren says:

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

How about a share? Someone who would take him off your hands maybe 3/4 days a week, that way youd have time to work (plus get money for the share) and go to lectures and do work outside uni aswell? Best of both worlds?

Good bye everyone. Come join us all -

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Jan 09

Posts: 38

crumpetxx says:

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

My horse Merlin is only on full loan to me. The contract is for a year.

The girl i have loaned him from lived miles and miles from me, like you she is at uni. Before i had Merlin he was out on loan to someone else who didnt treat him at all well . So when i took him on he had litterally landed on his hoofs.

I didnt know his owner before having him but we emailed and i spoke on the phone with her. The day i went to see him i took the horse box too as just knew i would take him away with me.

I have regular contact with his owner and i send photos via email and she is on my facebook which means she can always see what he's up to. She has been to the livery yard where i keep him and has seen a massive change in him. I have a very special bond with him which she had seen so she knows he is happy.

Katheryn was lucky, that even not knowing me she had found a real genuine person.

What i am trying to say is that if you do loan him out then just be careful. Make sure you are 100% in the know about everything your horse is up too. And yes a contract is really important. It must specify everything he comes with,(I.E....tack, rugs etc), what insurance must be taken out on him..(as the loanee must take insurance too). You need to specify what he can and cant do, such as polo and horseball.

If you go on the BSJA website and hunt around a bit and do all the links there are contracts on there that you can downloan, modify and print also it shows exactly what you should have in them.

Hope this is of some help.



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Aug 08

Posts: 237

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

I would go for the loan, that way you'll know he is safe and you can still ride him. Either that or you could share, but you will have to pay for some of the horse's feed, bedding, livery etc but you will have the horse a few days a week.

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Dec 08

Posts: 62

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

I wouldn't sell if i could avoid it, he sounds very special to you and good horses are hard to come by. I sold my very first horse because of work commitments and it was the worst decision of my life. Your final two years years will whizz by.

I am due to leave uni next month after 5 years and they have flown!! I share a horse with a lady who like you struggles with time off, but between us he gets great care and attention, and semesters are quite short with lots of holidays and you may not be in all day every day. So to stop me babbling on, try to share with someone you trust and keep him where he is, working part time will pay for his keep and the sharer should also contribute. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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Apr 05

Posts: 2175

adele1008 says:

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

I know exactly how u feel, im dreading leaving my boy when i go to uni in september as i'll miss him so much but theres no way i can put off having a better career cos theyre so expensive, like you i took a year out to earn some money and have some time to myself and more time with my pony and im glad i did.  im lucky that my mum is going to look after him for me and between her and the others where he is kept he will be kept fit, healthy and happy. 

your instuctor sounds great and really genuine so im with everyone else - good horses are very hard to come by so id do anything to keep him, 2 years will fly by.  Speak to the instructor and find out who she has in mind to ride him and you could meet up and suss them out a little and also spend some time with them and your horse before you go so you can be sure youll be happy with them around your horse. it sounds like she has made a generous offer and id definitely try it for a few months trial even and see how it goes, good luck and i hope you get something sorted out soon!

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Aug 08

Posts: 2198

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

If i was in your position i wouldn't think twice about selling my beloved boy. Selling him is never, ever an option for me.

I would put him out on loan and see how you get on. Maybe you could loan him out for a month or 2, and if both parties are happy, then extend the contract. that's probably the safest way to go. then you're not signing him away for a year, and then regretting it 2 weeks down the line.

Norwegian Fjords - the golden horses with the golden hearts. Minty, Loki, Teiko, Willow, Cherry & Charlie - my lovely ponies :)

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Feb 05

Posts: 2351

beckaroo says:

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

I agree with melxvengeance. I've had my horse just over a year and I'm currently at uni - I know I could never part with him! I think a loan would be a great idea, at least to try for a while.. would it be a possibility to share him even?

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Aug 08

Posts: 17

Sarah9898 says:

Re: Do I sell him or put him on loan? my career or horse!

Hi, dont know if this helps but when I went to uni (I am finishing my course now) I put my horse out on loan and will be getting her back once I have started my new job in Aug and I have sorted out finances etc. It was really hard but knew there was no way that I wanted to sell her. I arranged a loan through a girl my Mum knew. I agree with everyone about trying it for a while and then if it all goes well extending the contract and if it doesnt having a think again. At least if he is on loan with your instructor you know he will be in a good place and you can have him back in the end. Also you will be able to see him as well.

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