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Jun 08

Posts: 46

Emily_Mary says:

Looking for loan/share in kent - Confidence giver

I am looking for a horse to loan between 14-15.2hh, mare or gelding, that I can hack out and that is safe and can help me get my confidence back as I have lost it due to own pony who is now out on loan so that I am able to get my confidence back on safer horses.

I have been riding since the age of  5, have worked with horses for upto 6 years, currently studying equine management at college (national diploma) and have loaned and owned seperate horses.

I am looking for a horse to half loan/share a few days a week, in sevenoaks/swanley area

If you have a horse or know of one that would suit, please PM me or e-mail me on




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Dec 08

Posts: 2084

Re: Looking for loan/share in kent - Confidence giver

Hi, Sorry i cant help. But maybe a few lessons at a riding school could help you gain some confidence while you find a suitable horse.

Good luck xx

Never Play Leapfrog With A Unicorn

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