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Jan 09

Posts: 39

finefilly09 says:

traveling issue


i dont know what i can do for my TB mare but everytime i travel her she keeps falling over in the box onto her side even when i had serdated she is unstable. she never use to do this and traveled ok up until march last year when i took her to a HT last year which is over a half hour drive.

any ideas what i can do for her

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Dec 08

Posts: 349

tatumx says:

Re: traveling issue

woah i have never came across that before !

goodluck thoo keep us postedd

Real friend are like dimonds pretiose and rare, Fake friends are like leaves, scattered everywere... when but worst comes too worst, ditch the friends and pop down the yard :D

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Jan 05

Posts: 19

jayne says:

Re: traveling issue


Have you altered any thing in the box, is it a trailer or lorry, did anything happen on that last journey which was different, did you use different travel gear or anything new on her?

Sorry to ask all these questions but I've experienced bad travellers alot, my mare is an awful traveller and has been for 15 years!!

It could be something really stupid and simple if she's only just started doing it.


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