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Jan 09

Posts: 46

shannon123 says:

Too big?

I still own my first pony and can't part with her, i did try to put her out on loan and thought id found the perfect home for her unfortunatly with in 4 weeks it wasn't working out and i didn't feel she was being looked after properly so i took her back, she dropped a huge amount of weight and was a bit under the weather but with good feeding she's now alot better and needs to start being ridden again i have tried to find someone but have been unsuccesful.

She's 13'1 welsh a x appaloosa and is quite fine. At 5ft 8 im way to tall for her but at 7 and a half stone i don't think im to heavy is it a good idea for me to bring her back into work myself?

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Endurance Arabians


Jun 08

Posts: 2071

Re: Too big?

As long as you both are happy i wouldnt worry, There is a lady i know who rides a 13.2/13.hh welsh pony she is about 5ft 5in and shes heaver then me (im 9 stone) she competes advance level Endurance upto 100miles she won top Mountian and Moorland pony at our awards dinner on Sat. She also does Dressage and jumps her

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Feb 09

Posts: 28

CaitlinC says:

Re: Too big?

Yeah I think that would be fine (:
welsh's are good weight carriers, i have a 13hh welsh mare, and i'm 5"7 and about 9st + she manages to do jumping + pony games with me without a problem (:
As long as you feel you're both comfortable, it's fine


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