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May 08

Posts: 781

lorren says:

Re: PHOBIAS!!!!!

omg how did i forget my two worst fears!!!! lol i cnt beleve i ddnt mention them

i am absolutely petrified of chickens and peacocks!!!! but peacocks especially!!!!!!

i dnt no why, but if i see them i get the heebijeebies and reeli panik, and if one comes near me, i am gone in a flash!!!

which reeli isnt good cuz we have a few peacocks at college, which jus roam round freely, and without fail they always come near me, i literally scream and run a mile!!! lol im sure they know im scared of them so they come near me on purpose hahahah

Ride it like you stole it ;)

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Aug 08

Posts: 2818

Re: PHOBIAS!!!!!

HAHA vik1, i totally agree with you about beans - i don't mind other beans, but baked beans give me the creeps, i literally can't sit next to someone who's eating them and my flatmates wind me up something chronic about them. in pse last year we were watching a dvd thing about how much things people will use in their lifetime and there was a scene with a small child in a bath full of baked beans...and she had a tin and was scooping them up and pouring them over her head. i actually had to leave the room, i couldn't watch it :|


i've got a really strange fear/phobia as well. i absolutely can't stand sitting in the back of a car at the right side, behind the drivers seat. and i can't explain it, it just puts me on edge. i kind of got over it, and then it came rushing back when i was in a friends car last week and sat there, and well, let's say, she's not the safest of drivers and i had to swap seats with the person next to me lol!


and also, people in suits. halloween doesn't bother me, but the other day there was a guy down our shopping street in a scooby doo suit and i couldn't even look at him!

Norwegian Fjords - the golden horses with the golden hearts. Minty, Loki, Teiko, Willow, Cherry & Charlie - my lovely ponies :)

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Marian Pinches


Sep 08

Posts: 1206

Re: PHOBIAS!!!!!

I hate the thought of really deep water. Although I can swim I am not a particularly strong swimmer and I would never swim in a pool where I couldn't touch the bottom and keep my head afloat if I got tired. It absolutely petrifies me. When we went to Zante a couple of years ago I wouldn't even go into the sea wearin a life jacket, it scares me that much. The thought of ghosts scares me too! X

xxxx Bricky Boy & Dukey Baby xxxx

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