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Apr 08

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what's on your mind?

The heading says it all, so what is on everyone's mind at the moment?
Well on my mind is my horse, she hurt her foot the other day and i was debating whether to call the vet or not, i decided not to, cuz dad talked me out of it, she is still ok at the moment, although she has a limp, but last night i had a dream that she got really bad all of her feet went lame (sore to the point where they almost cant walk on them) she was laying down and couldn't get up screaming in pain and wanted to call the vet (i dont know why i didn't) but dad talked me out of it and then later that night she died, i woke up really upset but then realised that it was only a dream, it is still my worst nightmare though. i love her so much...
well now i told you what is on my mind, it's your turn

i'll show you a pic of her

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