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May 08

Posts: 320

Ilovejumping says:

Re: katie prices spurs

I know she was,I have no problem with kp but a girl at my yard has a really fizzy pony and uses spurs! Then she moans at the pony for bolting off!!

XX Scamp XX You made me laugh when I was sad,You have taught me alot and I am forever grateful,But never again will I meet a dog that was as good as you, I shall love you forever and you will always have a place in my heart,where you left your mark xx

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Sep 06

Posts: 2298

Re: katie prices spurs

ok, just seen this post and i have 2 say i hate spurs and whips at competitions, i think if u need to use them then your horse obv isnt ready to compete at the level u are at, they are a training aid, u shouldnt be training at a competition!!i do carry a schooling whip at a competition, but only coz he kicks and i find a tap to the shoulder reminds him that im there and makes him focus, i would never use it in a training capacity!


I think they are ok if used correctly and not used to abuse the horse tho......

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Mar 07

Posts: 503

Re: katie prices spurs

I've seen a video of Katie Price doing a dressage test and to me she didn't look like too bad a rider (made me laugh at th bouncing around though); she's not a professional or anything so people shouldn't be expecting her to be riding as well as Carl Hester and the likes... and I'm pretty sure that Andrew Gould wears spurs when he competes on that horse, so maybe it's what the horse is used to?

 And although I've never worn spurs, but doesn't the sizing thing work a bit like whips? Like the bigger the flapper on a whip the less it actually hurts the horse, because the pressures more spread out? Correct me if I'm wrong though.

and I think they're made out of stainless steel, not iron.


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