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Aug 11

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xtanyagx says:

Tracing Charley 15.3hh Bay Thoroughbred gelding

Im looking for a bay Thoroughbred gelding called Charley - most proberly spelt Charlie. I rescued him from a very bad past and spent a lot on vet bills/put a lot of time into him to make him better and to trust people again and he was very special to me. I had to sell him due to family problems but would love to know what has happened to him - good or bad - as I loved him a lot. When I had him he was an amazing jumper and a excitable horse to ride. He could buck with the odd rear and was always up for a gallop! He was a weaver and would often buck on the spot when stabled - although im not sure if he will still do this now?
I sold him to a girl called Jodie Coombes, many years ago now,  as she was looking for a horse to do BSJ on and he would of done brilliant in that, however I believe she didnt get on with him and he went back to a lot of old ways which I had spent so much time getting him out of and she ended up selling him. I then placed a tracing advert up for him as I was conserned that his bad ways would be seen as him being naughty so wanted to make sure he was ok and explain his past so he was understood. A girl contacted me named Vicki and she said that her boss had brought Charley off Jodie and that he was now at their livery yard/riding school and invited me to see him. He was very well looked after and was even used in lessons as, to my shock!, he had turned into such a plod! They said to me that he no longer liked to jump and would often refuse when it got to a certian height which I believe had some thing to do with the time he spent with the girl I sold him to. I even got to ride him which was brilliant but I then lost touch with them. The last Vicki told me was that he was up for sale but I do not know any more from there. I had him micro-chipped when he was with me but I cant remember the number - as far as I know my details will still be on there? He didnt have a passport with me as it was the time when they were talking of introducing them. I would just loved to know how he is and how his getting on even if its good or bad as he was a very special horse to me!

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