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how to stop my TB getting so excited...
0 95 27 days ago
by chloe1 go to last post
Show Jumpers.. Can you help?
by lc90
0 64 33 days ago
by lc90 go to last post
My horses jump 1 215 74 days ago
by rhapsody go to last post
Against wall
2 237 143 days ago
by Ley11 go to last post
Does show jumpers possess certain characteristics? 0 105 146 days ago
by BosleySJ go to last post
Instant calmer for showjumping pony! 0 177 226 days ago
by horseyhol go to last post
show name needed 1 157 242 days ago
by Millenium go to last post
Have found the perfect horse, but... 2 248 250 days ago
by golfnursey go to last post
Jumping position 7 705 213 days ago
by ClunkyCobs go to last post
First Major National Competition worries 0 132 280 days ago
by XsugarstarX go to last post
hard time collecting be for and after jump! 4 334 214 days ago
by jennymettam go to last post
Distances 1 197 244 days ago
by Millenium go to last post
Rushing my fences 2 319 289 days ago
by PaigeClyde go to last post
Pentathlon Show Jumping
0 184 305 days ago
by izzymcq go to last post
How can I improve my jumping?? 3 338 336 days ago
by ClunkyCobs go to last post
horse keeps ducking out of jumps at the last minute! Tips please! 3 432 334 days ago
by CharliA go to last post