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The Your Horse Forum is your chance to chat with like-minded people that share your passion for horses. It’s free and easy to join the Your Horse Forum community – all you need to do is register/log in and get chatting!

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35 8203 101 days ago
by evenworld go to last post
sticky Where is your favourtite place to hack???
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35 4498 364 days ago
by glinda123 go to last post
sticky Could we come and meet you and your horses?
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14 3729 2 years ago
by PennyPops go to last post
sticky No question too simple - just ask!
0 1503 3 years ago
by admin go to last post
sticky WARNING - buyers beware 2 5004 3 years ago
by lottyshona go to last post
1 3182 4 years ago
by kevinhiatt go to last post
Re:- Miniture Shetland Ponies 0 45 2 days ago
by ChampandLucky go to last post
Cheap kitchen Appliances Leicester 0 31 2 days ago
by esdegan11 go to last post
Cheap ki---tch----en Appliances Ex Display 0 17 3 days ago
by maniactante1 go to last post
Intimidated by the size of my horse 0 41 3 days ago
by Flossy272 go to last post
Has anyone ever used horse ear plugs 1 81 3 days ago
by Flossy272 go to last post
Cheap k'i't'c'h'e'n Appliances Midlands
0 42 4 days ago
by gudbai go to last post
1 56 4 days ago
by kevinhiatt go to last post
Well not the kind that you feed. 0 37 4 days ago
by liljockeys go to last post
15hh for part loan in Coleshill, Birmingham 2 799 4 days ago
by Hollydidcote go to last post
A Selection of Horses Available to Share Near Tring/Berkhamsted
by helz
9 1783 4 days ago
by marinaim go to last post
Boswellia 1 66 4 days ago
by greyandbay go to last post
Bareback Equestrian Beaumont Riding Boots - SWAP or SELL? 0 24 4 days ago
by EdMeloSophie go to last post
Cheap **** Appliances
0 29 4 days ago
by nudey01 go to last post
Youngsters. Also behaviour of horse after companion pts 6 263 7 days ago
by Micki go to last post
Discount K*i*t*c*h*e*n Units Ipswich UK 0 68 8 days ago
by matirasa go to last post
Liverpool K'i't'c'h'e'n Company 0 43 10 days ago
by segergan go to last post
No longer lurking.........Hello
0 43 11 days ago
by suzeejo go to last post
Potential Riding/Trekking Centre in the sun (Bulgaria)
0 42 11 days ago
by suzeejo go to last post
Rugging a Clipped Horse
3 146 11 days ago
by jenhavocmanny go to last post