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Your Horse Forum and Community

The Your Horse Forum is your chance to chat with like-minded people that share your passion for horses. Here you can put the horse world to rights, share your thoughts, opinions and experiences, tell us what you like and don’t like about everything equestrian, upload horse pictures, swap tips and helpful advice in these equine communities. It’s free and easy to join the Your Horse Forum community – all you need to do is register/log in and get chatting! Join the Your Horse community today!

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Welcome To Your Horse Forum
Rooms Topics Posts Last Post
The Yard
General horsey chat
16287 126459 3 days ago
by wedosprucol
Welcome and Introductions
932 4322 74 days ago
by abbieandfiona
Tracing/Stolen Horses
557 773 25 days ago
by KirstenStratt
Horse share arrangements
1207 1828 256 days ago
by lolapola
Items for sale (not horses)
1457 2519 54 days ago
by laurenross911
Horses Wanted
636 1009 195 days ago
by Amy6781
Hints and Tips
Share your helpful hints and tips here!
662 3119 11 days ago
by Ransa
In Remembrance...
132 561 29 days ago
by rhapsody
Riding and Training
Rooms Topics Posts Last Post
Discuss your general riding queries here!
2375 10362 25 days ago
by Apple24
394 1645 105 days ago
by Plantpot1
459 1724 89 days ago
by rhapsody
201 791 25 days ago
by Apple24
Rider Fitness
41 243 104 days ago
by tatti
Your Horse Training Academy
The place for students to discuss their progress
17 24 107 days ago
by bahar
228 1357 2 years ago
by Feeney
353 1238 98 days ago
by pandramoon
Horse Care
Rooms Topics Posts Last Post
212 891 90 days ago
by weser
Open Clinic
Get advice from the experts and chat to others who are looking for horse care advice
53 322 5 days ago
by helvetica
541 2132 16 days ago
by Apple24
1196 4704 11 days ago
by Reddestiny
Rooms Topics Posts Last Post
Your Horse Magazine
89 430 2 years ago
by Nicola Young
Your Horse Website
60 196 145 days ago
by odsaddlery
Your Horse Live!
24 41 3 years ago
by Andrea14912
Archive (locked)
Rooms Topics Posts Last Post
The Yard
Archived posts from The Yard
2138 22059 206 days ago
by ranaakakihoho
Archived posts from Riding and Training
630 4302 90 days ago
by weser
Horse Sharing/Items For Sale
Archived posts from Horse Sharing Arrangements and Items For Sale (not horses)
587 1434 206 days ago
by wayneingle
Other Archive
Archived posts from Feeding, News and Veterinary/Health
406 2730 2 years ago
by Alvin

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